Transitions In Depression

Personalized early warning signals - Mapping psychological changes


The aim of the TRANS-ID project (TRANSitions In Depression) is to discover personalised signals that may indicate critical transitions in psychological symptoms. We will investigate within single individuals which early warning signals precede symptom change and thereby examine whether psychological symptoms behave according to the principles of complex dynamical systems.

To gain insight into this, we use a diary approach (also known as the experience sampling method) to capture the micro-level changes of symptoms, emotions, behaviours and daily context over time. In addition, we collect measurements of movement and heart rate using high-tech, user-friendly sensors.

The project is divided into three sub-projects:


    This project investigates what kind of changes occur during the tapering of antidepressant medication, and whether early warning signals precede the moment that depressive symptoms increase. We are recruiting from a population of people who previously experienced depressive symptoms, and who wish to taper their antidepressants.


    This project investigates whether we can anticipate the moment individuals begin to recover from depressive symptoms. We are recruiting from a population of people who are currently experiencing depressive symptoms and are going to follow psychological treatment.


    In this project, we aim to find out whether we can anticipate what kind of changes young adults with an increased risk for psychopathology experience in terms of mental health problems. We investigate this in a population of young adults because early adulthood is a critical life period during which many changes occur that may influence the development of mental health issues.


Sudden gains in day-to-day change

Revealing nonlinear patterns of individual improvement in depression

Helmich, M. A., Wichers, M., Olthof, M., Strunk, G., Aas, B., Aichhorn, W., Schiepek, G. Snippe, E.

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TRANS-ID research starts recruitment!

As of May 1st 2017 the TRANS-ID project has officially started. People can now sign up for participation in the TRANS-ID Tapering and TRANS-ID Recovery projects.

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Interview: Marieke Wichers

Op 6 december 2016 hield Marieke Wichers, hoogleraar Dynamiek van emotieregulatie en psychopathologie bij het ICPE (RUG) haar oratie met als titel “Durven zoeken in het donker; op weg naar een kantelpunt in de psychiatrie”.

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Radio-interview: Op zoek naar het kantelpunt in de psychiatrische patiënt

Is er een kans dat u een psychiatrische stoornis ontwikkelt? En zo ja, is dan te voorspellen wanneer er weer verbetering optreedt? Hoogleraar Marieke Wichers gaat de symptomen van stoornissen live volgen om dat uit te zoeken.

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Below you will find the three most recent Trans-ID publications.

Helmich, M. A., Wichers, M., Olthof, M., Strunk, G., Aas, B., Aichhorn, W., Schiepek, G. Snippe, E. (2020). Sudden gains in day-to-day change: Revealing nonlinear patterns of individual improvement in depression. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 88(2), 119–127. 10.1037/ccp0000469. [Full text]

Future publications will be listed here.

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Our research is anchored in the following principles:

Psychopathology is not static but dynamic.

Therefore, we aim to map the complete processes of symptom change in detail.

Psychopathology moves across diagnostic boundaries.

From this perspective, we investigate changes in mental health symptomatology.

Research should yield results that are relevant to the individual.

This is why we designed this project to allow the analysis of person-specific models.


TRANS-ID Tapering

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TRANS-ID Recovery

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Movement and Heart Rate Measurements

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